The Latest Data on Legislation & Regulation and Administrative Law Course Requirements at US Law Schools

With the aid of my smart and industrious research assistant Rob Galloway, I have completed the annual list of Legislation and Regulation (Leg Reg) and Administrative Law course requirements at ABA accredited law schools. The link to the list as a publicly viewable Google doc is below.

Two schools (Georgia State and Wisconsin) have added Leg Reg to their first-year curriculum, and the University of Chicago has added Legislation and Statutory Interpretation. Indiana-Indianapolis has made Administrative Law a required course. New to the list, though perhaps not new requirements: Both Inter-American and Pontifical Catholic (Puerto Rico) require Administrative Law as well. Oklahoma City Law School has added as a requirement that students take either Administrative Law or Legislation.

The list now identifies 55 schools that require their students to take a Leg Reg course or a course on legislation, statutory interpretation, or administrative law. Also of note on this year’s list: A more thorough review of the various schools’ curricula revealed several more that offer Leg Reg (or a course on legislation and/or statutory interpretation) or Administrative Law as a first-year elective. The list identifies 19 schools under this category.

I take responsibility for any errors. If your school is not represented accurately, get in touch with me at

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