Law Students Lead Intersectionally

“At this painful time, I see law students leading in the intersectional manner that will move us forward. I have attached Albany Law Affinity Groups student statement here. Please feel free to post and comment what your students are doing!”  ML


Hello everyone,

I hope you are safe and well. Some of Albany Law’s student groups wanted to take a moment to address current events.

Our fellow students are suffering in ways we cannot imagine. The deaths of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other members of the black community are a tragedy and a disgrace. OUTLaw, Latin American Law Student Association, Women’s Law Caucus, Muslim Law Students Association, and Asian Pacific American Law Students Association denounce racist actions against the black community. We promise solidarity with black students and the Black Law Students Association. And as student leaders entering the legal profession, we will take active steps to fight systemic racism and provide support in our fields.

On behalf of all of us: We love you. We are here for you. We see your pain and grief. We will make space for you. We will listen to you. We will share your stories. We will follow your lead. We will fight for you. We encourage other clubs and groups to make similar commitments. Active support means everything.

If you have the resources, please donate to any of the organizations listed below:
Citizen Action of New York
New York State NAACP
National Bail Fund Network
American Civil Liberties Union
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Black Visions Minnesota
Campaign Zero
Reclaim the Block

And/or give your time and support by signing petitions and reaching out to public officials. A master list of petitions and numbers is available at

We are stronger together,


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