CSALE 2013-14 Survey of Applied Legal Education

The Center for the Study of Applied Legal Education’s (CSALE) 2013-14 Survey of Applied Legal Education is now available on CSALE’s website http://www.csale.org/results.html and on SSRN http://ssrn.com/abstract=2566484

The 43-page report provides the summary results of CSALE’s third triennial survey of law school clinics and externships and the faculty teaching in those clinical courses. Over 88% of ABA-accredited law schools participated in the survey, which included theMaster SurveyLaw Clinics Sub-SurveyField Placement Course Sub-Survey, and Faculty Sub-Survey.

CSALE can also provide free customized reports on questions in the surveys – contact administrator@csale.org or rkuehn@wustl.edu.

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  1. The CSale Survey is a tremendous resource. Countless times, as we consider policy or curricular changes, my dean has asked: “what do other schools do?”. We simply consult the CSale Survey and it almost always answers that question. It has saved us a lot of leg work and the information it provides has informed our faculty discussions on a number of important issues. The survey’s compilation of massive amounts of data provides a great service to the academy. Many thanks to the authors and all who helped pull the information together.

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