AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education

Ann Shalleck (American) and Conrad Johnson (Columbia) will host Presentation Principles, as part of the AALS Clinical Conference on Wednesday, April 28th from 3:45-4:30. In the digital age, lawyers have a broader palette of presentation options and need to make thoughtful choices about how to communicate. While digital technology has changed the options lawyers have to present information and heightened our awareness of the vast array of possibilities, lawyers have always had to decide among available technologies how to communicate many types of information in different contexts.   This concurrent session will provide you with a transferrable set of “Presentation Principles” that apply in any presentation context.

Through an interactive mock classroom exercise, Ann and Conrad will demonstrate one way to engage students in learning how to construct and analyze any presentation so that you can see how these organizing principles operate in the context of seminar teaching. Thereafter, we will transfer the framework to a supervision meeting in which students apply the principles in practice with our guidance and then reflect on the consequences of their presentation choices. With your participation, this could be an enjoyable and useful time together. 

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