Now More Than Ever: The World Needs More Lawyers

Sometimes, as academics, some of us wonder whether guiding and facilitating the growth and education of lawyers is positive for society. My colleague Ray’s Tedx talk directly addresses the necessity for good, ethical, passionate, reasonable, and humane lawyers.

the Future of Change

In a recent op-ed piece in the New York Times, Big Law partners Brad S. Karp and Gary M. Wingens highlight the work of a broad coalition of private lawyers that is working in collaboration with public interest lawyers to help reunite immigrant families separated at the border.  In this area and many others, lawyers are stepping up to the challenge an Executive Branch eager to undermine the rule of law and a Congress unwilling to preserve it.  These times call for conscientious individuals who will work towards greater social justice and bring creativity and passion to efforts to promote desperately needed social change.  I discuss what types of lawyers we need to help bring about this social change in a recent TEDx talk I gave at Union College.  Please take a few moments, view the talk here, share it with anyone even remotely considering going to law school…

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