Best Legal Education Articles of 2016

At Tax Prof Blog, Scott Fruehwald has posted the Best Legal Education Articles for 2016. You can find it here. Cognitive science themes play a prominent role in the list, as well as interesting articles on professional formation by Louis Bilionis and assessment by Adam Lamparello. On the topic of professional formation, I would add Neil Hamilton and Jerry Organ’s article Thirty Reflection Questions to Help Each Student Find Meaningful Employment and Develop an Integrated Professional Identity. Add your “best of 2016” in the comments.

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  1. This is a great list! To add to it? So much has happened this past year including events that will inevitably affect legal education. Not so long ago, law schools found themselves pushed toward a corporate model and called upon to ensure practice readiness not only in a courtroom or representational sense, but also in a business sense. Recent events are a reminder of another aspect of legal education – the lawyer’s role in the community at large and in providing access to justice. So, to Scott’s excellent list I would add, Julie Lawton, “The Imposition of Social Justice Morality in Legal Education,” 4 Ind. J.L. & Soc. Equality 57 (2016) to be contrasted perhaps with Donna Young and Peter Halewood’s “On Precarity, Power, and Purpose in Higher Education,” abstract – and Ray Brescia, “Law and Social Innovation: Lawyering in the Conceptual Age” Albany Law Review forthcoming. All three pieces raise the broader issue of incorporating social justice and access to justice in legal education.

  2. These are great. Thanks, Scott, and Thanks Paula for drawing our attention to this list.

  3. Paula, this is a great idea! I love your and Pam’s additions too.

    I will add a fiction book that really made me rethink our narratives about white women and suffrage and early years in this country “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd.

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