Best New Lawyers

As a second-year law student, I am always asking individuals “What attributes do you think make a new associate successful?”  Many of the individuals I have asked answered with “Well it depends…” and listed generic things, such as hard work, responsibility, and motivation. I appreciated the answers, which provide some insight, but I would have loved more in-depth (specific?) advice.  Within the next year, I will be applying for, and hopefully obtaining, a job and would love to know what employers and co-workers think are the attributes of their best new employees.  Recently, some esteemed members of the legal educational community launched a study about the best law mentors and supervisors in the country.  If you would like more information on this study, please go to,  Now, these same legal professionals are taking a look at the best new lawyers.  The individuals who are conducting this study reached out to the Best Practices community, to enlist our assistance in finding the best new lawyers. The individuals conducting the study are specifically looking for new lawyers who have been in practice seven years or less.  The goal is to find the most successful new lawyers in the country, study those new lawyers in depth, understand why they are so effective, and, in so doing, synthesize and state a set of behaviors, attitudes, and habits of mind for the benefit and inspiration of new lawyers. To nominate someone for the study, please go to,  The results from this study will be published in a book and if you would like to visit that this site, please go to,

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