Great videos on law teaching!

Here’s a link to eleven videos produced at the 2015 AALS Clinical Conference. Each one addresses pedagogical issues that law professors are currently grappling with, including assessment, infusing experiential education into doctrinal courses, encouraging learning through reflection, and teaching technology.

The AALS supported this project, as did the Planning Committee for 2015 AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education. Take a look!

Individual videos are available here:

Jeff Baker (Pepperdine University School of Law) Trust and High Expectations Improve Learning Outcomes

Esther Barron and Steve Reed (Northwestern University School of Law)Bringing Experiential Learning into the Traditional Classroom

Paul Bergman (UCLA Law), “Reel” Teaching – Teaching With Film Clips

Warren Binford (Willamette University College of Law) Designing Your Curriculum to Maximize Student Learning

Eduardo Capulong (University of Montana School of Law) Working With Actual Clients In The First Year

Alyson Carrel (Northwestern University School of Law) Disrupt the Norm: Technology for Today’s Classroom

Wallace Mlyniec (Georgetown University Law Center) 40 Years of Assessing Assessment

Michele Pistone (Villanova University Widger School of Law) Improving Learning Through Formative Assessment

Joy Radice (University of Tennessee College of Law) Thinking and Acting Like Lawyers: Reflection-in-Action in the Law School

Alex Scherr (University of Georgia School of Law) Integrating Reflection Into The Curriculum

Leah Wortham (The Catholic University of America) Equipping Law Students to Thrive in a Changing Legal Services Market

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