For professors assigning group work for credit, there is a website that can help allocate the share of credit to be given to each person. It’s called Spliddit (spliddit.org), and was developed by a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist. The idea is not ‘about doing the calculations for you, it’s about using a fair method that you probably wouldn’t have thought about yourself.” As described in a campus publication explaining the site, “the algorithm…works by asking each contributor to ignore his or her own effort and instead assess how much each of the other colleagues contributed to the final product.”

As more and more professors utilize group work in their classes, this website could be of great utility. While I have not used it myself, and while we know many law professors and many law students are mathaverse, it may be worth a look, especially since it doesn’t actually require the professor or the student do actually do or understand higher mathermatics.

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