Building an Assessment Plan Conference off to a great start!

The conference on “Building an Assessment Plan from the Ground Up” is being held today at Whittier Law School. Professor Andrea Funk, Associate Dean for Lawyering Skills and Institutional Assessment
Professor of Lawyering Skills at Whittier, has created a comprehensive program for the sold-out crowd of faculty, most of whom have some responsibility for assessment planning at their law schools. For your use and enjoyment, I will be blogging from the conference today. Professor Judith Wegner,  Burton Craige Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law, began asking us to all think about words that begin with “A” and reflect on how many of those are disagreeable: aspirin, ache, anger, accreditation, assessment! She provided a powerful overview of three of these “A-words” that many faculty find very foreign: pressures for accountability in accreditation processes that require assessment of student learning outcomes. You can read more about the history and context of accreditation here:  .  Download her slideshow here (scroll to “Assessment”).


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