AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education Statement of Position in support of the California Bar Experiential Requirement

The AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education has drafted a Statement of Position in support of the California bar’s proposal, which would require 15 units of experiential education for bar takers. According to AALS Clinical Section Chair, Jayesh Rathod of American University, the statement was drafted “as a counterpoint to the statement penned by the AALS Deans’ Steering Committee”  and is now posted on the AALS website.

Statement of Position: http://www.aals.org/SCLE-TFARR/  (also featured on the home page)

Press Release: http://www.aals.org/aals-newsroom/SCLE-TFARR/

It was appropriate for the AALS Executive Committee to provide, at the very least, equal footing to a statement of one of the largest sections in the AALS with the statement of a special committee of Deans. It is also wonderful to see the Clinical Section join CLEA in supporting this important step for reforming and improving legal education.

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  1. I am pleased to see the AALS posted this excellent statement by its Clinical Legal Education. I appreciate all the work done by CLEA and the AALS Section on Clinical Section to ensure that both sides of the issue are fairly represented on the AALS web page. I truly hope the AALS learned from the process errors that occurred and will take concrete steps to avoid repeating those errors.

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