Clinical Law Review Board Seeks Applications by Professor Michele Gilman

The Clinical Law Review seeks applications for four vacancies on the Board of Editors.  The Board urges you to think about whether you would be interested, and to think about others whom you would encourage to apply.


Members of the Board of Editors serve for a term of 6 years. The term of the new Board members will commence in January 2016. Board meetings customarily are held twice a year: once at the annual Clinical Law Review Workshop at the end of September and once at the AALS Spring clinical workshop or conference. Board members are expected to attend meetings regularly. Policy matters for the Review and status of upcoming issues are discussed at these meetings. Throughout the year, Board members are asked to work with authors to edit articles. Board members also customarily serve as small group leaders in the Clinical Law Review Workshop.


Applicants should explain their interest in the position and should highlight the aspects of their experience that they believe are most relevant. The Board seeks applications from people committed to the work of the Review and strives to select people with diverse backgrounds and varying experiences in and approaches to clinical legal education. Applications and supporting resumes must be received no later than April 1, 2015. Please email them to me at with the subject line:  “Clinical Law Review application.”


The committee to select new Board members is always chaired by a current Board member whose term is expiring. I will be serving this year as the chair of the Selection Committee. The other members of the committee will be designated by the three organizations that sponsor the Clinical Law Review — AALS, CLEA, and NYU — each of which have designated two committee members.


I encourage you to contact me or other current or former Board members with any questions or for information about service on the Board or the work of a co-Editor-in-Chief. My fellow Board members and I have found it a very rewarding and informative way to continue the advancement of clinical legal education.


The other members of the Board are: Amna Akbar; Sameer Ashar, Wendy Bach; Keith Findley, Marty Guggenheim, and Kim Thomas. The current members whose terms are ending, along with mine, are: Carolyn Grose; Mae Quinn, and Brenda Smith.


The current Editors-in-Chief are Randy Hertz, Phyllis Goldfarb, and Michael Pinard.


Those who previously served on the Board are: Jane Aiken, Tony Alfieri, Bev Balos, Margaret Martin Barry, Ben Barton, Juliet Brodie, Angela Burton, Stacy Caplow, Bob Dinerstein, Jon Dubin, Cecelia Espenoza, Gay Gellhorn, Peter Toll Hoffman, Jonathan Hyman, Peter Joy, Minna Kotkin, Deborah Maranville, Bridget McCormack, Binny Miller, Kim O’Leary, Ascanio Piomelli, Paul Reingold, Jim Stark, Paul Tremblay, Nina Tarr, Rod Uphoff, and Leah Wortham. The Emeritus Editors-in-Chief are Richard Boswell, Steve Ellmann, Isabelle Gunning, and Kate Kruse.


I look forward to hearing from you. – Michele Gilman

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