Building on Best Practices in Legal Education

On a more cheery note:

Regular reader of this blog know that a follow-up volume to Best Practices in Legal Education is underway.  That volume, due out in 2015, is titled Building on Best Practices.  It’s a big, collaborative effort with 4 co-editors (I’m one, along with Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Lisa Bliss, and Carrie Kaas) and over 30 authors, supported by almost as many readers of sections or chapters.

We held informal workshop sessions on five excellent section drafts during the AALS conference — 1 via Skype due to the weather.   Discussion was lively, intense, and productive as participants struggled with the challenge of distinguishing among good, better and best practices.  And being reminded that sometimes just having a practice is a best practice!

A huge shout out to the authors:

Benjamin Madison and Natt Gant (Fostering professional identity)

Paula Shaefer (Incorporating professionalism in doctrinal courses )

Eliza Vorenberg, Eden Harrington,  Betsy Kane, Trish Keady, Sue Shechter, David Udall, and Gloria Valencia-Weber (The role of pro bono )

Barbara Glesner-Fines (Assessment of students)

Marty Katz and Ken Margolis (Administrative Issues & Incentives)

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  1. Thanks to all of the authors as well as readers who contributed to the stimulating workshop discussions. It was amazing that we accomplished so much in such a short time.

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