ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education

The Task Force on the Future of Legal Education held a mini-conference on Wednesday.  Karen Sloan wrote an overview of the conference, ABA Struggles for Answers on Law School Reform.  An overview of the Task Force’s discussion items (from its Dec meeting) is available here.  That document focuses a lot on innovation.  Here is an excerpt:

Law Schools and Others in Legal Education Should Promote Innovation in Pedagogy

1. Law schools and law faculties should make use of knowledge and experience from other disciplines to support innovation in teaching methodologies.

2. Law schools should make use of technology in to innovate and improve pedagogy.

3. Law schools and law faculties should collaborate to facilitate innovation and improvement of pedagogy.

4. Bar admission authorities should recognize law school courses taught by innovative pedagogy.

A (long) video of the mini-conference is available here.

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