NYT Article, “A Call for Drastic Changes in Educating New Lawyers”

Hello everybody.  Those of you NOT in the Northeast are probably at the office, but here in New England, school’s closed because of the weather; hence, I get to read the paper!  Page 11 of today’s Times, in an article by Ethan Bronner, cites the ABA’s mid year meeting as the latest location for hand-wringing about the future of legal education.  There’s little new here, but I still find it interesting to read, in all the important papers in our land, about our humble profession on a weekly basis.

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  1. I have two favorite quotes in this article:
    1) “There’s a time for incremental change and a time for bold change. This is the time for bold change.” Although I wouold hope that bold includes thoughful and not reactionary!
    My other favorite:
    2) “Rather than start with the number of required classroom minutes or student-teacher ratio, Mr. Tokaz said, what students need to know upon graduation should be agreed upon first.” AMEN!

    It still saddens me that we are discussing all of this only in terms of what businesses will “pay for lawyers” in the short term. It ignores the travesty of lack of access to justice for many, many Americans. And it ignores that in the longer view, inhouse counsel will not be able to “Cherry Pick” without training young lawyers. I think it was reliance on short term analysis of economics that got us to this crisis in the first place. I would love to start seeing a more comprehensive and long term view about how we will fund the education of lawyers for the American justice system.

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