Building on Best Practices: Call for Ideas and Authors

The Clinical Legal Association, Best Practices Implementation Committee is planning a follow-up publication to Best Practices for Legal Education by Roy Stuckey and others.     The vision of the book is to build on ideas for implementing best practices, and to develop new theories and ideas on Best Practices for Legal Education.   If you would like to author a section in the book please let us know as soon as possible.   Then by December 1, 2011 send either of us a 3-5 page abstract identifying the knowledge, skills and values as well as the learning objectives and methodology of your innovative teaching idea.   The Editorial Board will meet at the AALS meeting in January to select pieces for inclusion in the book.


If you have any questions or thoughts about the project please feel free to contact either of us.


Looking forward to drawing  on the expertise of the legal academy to build on Best Practices for Legal Education!


Antoinette Sedillo Lopez ,Chair, Publication Committee

Deborah Maranville,  co-editor


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  1. I’m not the person to write it, but I’d like to see more coverage of the advantages of frequent multiple-choice quizzes in providing formative assessment, both in-class as Prof. Sparrow describes (3 Elon Law Review 1 (2011)) and on-line as I advocate (The Learning Curve, January 2011, p.12).

  2. I agree with this need! Our faculty have seen individual course improvcement and successes with the use of multiple choice quizzes but I would like to I analyze this success in a more systematic way… Ideas suggestions?

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