Resource for New Professors: Teaching Materials Network

I was forwarded a message today from Melissa Breger, Clinical Law Professor at Albany Law, about a resource available to professors for finding teaching materials.  Stetson Law School’s website houses a database called The Teaching Materials Network which we have linked through the Center for Excellence in Law Teaching site.  The site contains the following description:

The teaching materials network is a contact list of law professors offering to share their teaching materials with peers teaching a class for the first time. If you have a new prep, or would like to help someone who does, log in or register using the links below to search by course, casebook, and credit hours.

After registering and snooping around (I know I’m not a law professor, but I’m not a student either!) I found this to be an impressive resource.  Searching the database is very simple, and can be done by course title and casebook. The number of courses is substantial, to say the least. The number of professors participating in each subject varies greatly, the most I saw was nine for the 1st Amendment. Many courses had only one.

Based on the, apparently, large number of participating professors, I am wondering who out there reading this has used the site? Experiences?  Response time from professors?

I am also interested to know if being able to make personal contact with another professor teaching the subject, as opposed to just downloading a sample, has provided a particular benefit.

Let us know!

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