AALS Pleads With ABA To Put Accreditation Review On Hold!

AALS President Michael A. Olivas on behalf of the Executive Committee of the AALS called for a halt to the review process in order to engage in a discussion of “first principles” and a broader discussion of the aspects of “current American Legal Education that are valuable enough to preserve through the accreditation process. ” The March 28th letter addressed to Hulett H. (Bucky) Askew, the Consultant on Legal Education, expresses concern about the real harm the current proposals will generate including a potential “race to the bottom” as schools find that they can reduce their offerings and services while still remaining accredited.

Click here to read the letter.

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  1. […] The ABA’s plan to seriously overhaul the law school accreditation process (again from the NLJ) appears so radical to schools that the American Association of Law Schools is pleading with the ABA not to go ahead. […]

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