CLEA Responds to Latest Standards Draft

As mentioned earlier today, the ABA Standards Review Committee issued new draft Standards.  The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) just released its comments on the new draft available here.

The response is focused on the changes made to Standard 405 and offers a proposal for re-writing the standard in order address its concerns. CLEA states  “The proposal we attach here will achieve the stated goals of the ABA’s comprehensive review of accreditation standards assuring educational quality, advancing the core mission of legal education, and providing clarity and precision, while also giving schools the flexibility you believe is important.”

The comment closes with this paragraph:

The legal academy has been much and justly criticized lately for being disconnected from law practice, a particular problem in what has been called ‘the new legal economy.’  The Standards should not exacerbate that problem by intentionally marginalizing precisely those faculty groups that play an increasingly important role in preparing students for the practice of law. We believe our proposed changes to Standard 405 address these concerns and will improve the quality of legal education and the preparation of law students for the practice of law.

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