Learning From Our Students, Pt. 3 – Effective Communication

Lesson 3:  Communicating Complex Ideas Simply

The Jens’ presentation on climate justice reminded me of a third important lesson:  the importance, and possibility, of communicating complex ideas effectively.

The presentation includes, yes, a Powerpoint.  But not a text-heavy Powerpoint.  Rather, one with compelling graphics: an overview slide to introduce the subject and transition between five vertical bars representing their five-part framework for the basic human rights affected by climate change– health, food and water, security, equity, and justice.  Compelling photographs telling the stories of real people.  Maps and charts that illustrate their key points.

Roy Stuckey and his collaborators did important work in pulling together Best Practices in Legal Education.  They synthesized a significant amount of information on a broad range of topics in a format familiar to law teachers.  Not surprisingly, the book is not what you’d call “light reading’.  As we continue to “get the word out” about Best Practices, the Jens provide a great model for taking the next steps in effectively communication about Best Practices.

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