Of Business Models and Best Practices

My dean just forwarded the announcement below about a contest/series of conferences & working sessions hosted by NY and Harvard Law Schools over the next year to generate ideas about new business models for law schools and concrete steps to implement them.  Though the announcement focuses on “business models,”  the first sentence on the webpage link is “Got an idea about the future of U.S. legal education? Think it’s time to go clinical? Or global? Or virtual?”

What’s the relationship between our law school business models and best educational practices?  Unfortunately, the first session conflicts with the Minnesota Experiential Renaissance Roundtable on April 9 and 10, so I won’t be able to find out by attending the conference.  Look forward to getting the skinny from the rest of you!

“New York Law School – April 9-10

Harvard Law School – October 15-16

New York Law School and Harvard Law School are hosting a year-long contest of ideas about legal education. The goal is to come up with operational alternatives to the traditional law school business model and to identify concrete steps for the implementation of new designs. The kickoff event is a two-day conference for educators, employers, and regulators at New York Law School on April 9-10, 2010, to identify problems, innovations and constraints, and to organize working groups to develop designs and strategies for implementation. Working groups will refine their ideas and reconvene for a second meeting at Harvard Law School on October 15-16, 2010. Final designs will be presented, with commentary, at New York Law School in April, 2011.

Interested? Questions? Please visit http://www.nyls.edu/futureed”

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