Call for Papers and Proposals for SALT Teaching Conference (in Hawai’i!)

Deadline for Panels and Papers–January 15, 2010

Teaching in a Transformative Era:

The Law School of the Future will examine the most pressing challenges law schools face in the 21st century.   In the midst of the nation’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, law schools must stay relevant and incorporate a curriculum that keeps pace with recent macroeconomic and social changes. Law professors must address a new phase of corporate and collective responsibility as well as the increasing need for social and economic justice in struggling communities nationwide and globally.

Law schools must improve the admission and graduation of lawyers from a broad range of racial and ethnic backgrounds who will be prepared to serve their communities in the wake of the current global economic crisis. They must also address rising student indebtedness without sacrificing quality.

Because the conference coincides with the American Bar Association’s review of law school accreditation standards, it provides an opportunity to examine structural issues such as erosion of tenure, evolution in status relationships among law faculty, and the broader tensions between accreditation standards and economic and social trends in America.

This conference provides an opportunity to engage in broad, supportive discussions about teaching. We are seeking ideas for a range of sessions including panels and workshops that fit within the conference themes, and we encourage proposals from small groups of three or four as well as from individuals. If you are proposing a panel discussion, please note whether you would be open to an additional speaker. We welcome a variety of session formats from formal papers to more informal discussion topics.

Please send your proposals to Ngai Pindell by January 15, 2010. We are currently seeking journal commitments for publication of conference papers.

Other members of the SALT Teaching Conference Committee include Raquel Aldana, Fabio Arcila, Elvia Arriola, Margaret Martin Barry, Patti Falk , Angela Onwuachi-Willig, and Aviam Soifer.

Please share information about the Teaching Conference with your colleagues, particularly new and junior faculty, who are not yet members of SALT.

Download 9-09SALT Call for Panels and Papers(2)

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