Standards Review Committee

Anything new with the ABA Section of Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar’s Standards Review Committee?

Best Practices devotees know that  in Sept. 08 the committee began a comprehensive review of standards that includes considering the contents of  reports by two special subcommittees, on Outcome Measures and Security of Position and comments on the reports.

My sources describe the committee as “in a deregulatory mood”  and the current version of the Outcome Measures report as “surprisingly good”.   Not  yet having coalesced around a decision, at their October 9-10 meeting the committee did the usual for complex issues & referred the Outcome Measures report back to committee.

Next meeting: January 8 and 9, New Orleans at the AALS Convention.  Stop by!  (Don’t expect them to be taking comments at this meeting.)

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  1. Thanks for the importan update! Although these may be the most potentially transformative rule changes the ABA considers in decades, it sometimes appears that only deans, administrators and those already well versed in “outcomes and assessment” initiateves are paying attention. The truth is the imiportance of this sea change in analysis affects all parts of the enterprise – as was noted by a recent Director of Library candidate at our school. I will definitely try to stop by the January meetings!

  2. In fact, Mary, SALT, CLEA, and an ad hoc group of law teachers are paying attention. Their comments before the Oct. 9th meeting can be viewed on the Legal Ed Section’s website, at Go to committees and look for the Standard Review Committee.

    The ABA seems very serious this time about transformative rule changes. I think there will not only be a committee meeting during the AALS meeting, but also at least one public forum that was added late to the AALS schedule.

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