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I bet some of you missed the fact that October 5th is World Teachers’ Day.  Yeah for us!  Rah for the team!

The UK’s Centre for Legal Education’s Digital Directions notes that the Best Practices blog is the only blog “focused on legal education as their primary theme.”    We’ll be delighted when we no longer hold that distinction.  And, we’re optimistic the day is coming, given the ferment in legal education.

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  1. Well, I’d like to think that the Digital Directions blog also takes legal education as the primary theme, as does Paul Marharg’s blog Zeugma, and Julian Webb’s blog hEaDspace – both in the UK.
    I think your blog was the only blog that covered legal education as the primary theme listed on Colin Miller’s updated a list of US ‘legal educator’ blogs – see Digital Directions for further links etc!
    Still, an accolade you’d be happy to lose!
    Thanks for the mention on your blog, I enjoy reading it too!

  2. As someone who started this hare, at, I have to reference Robert Richards’ comment on the posting — he lists one I missed: Law by the Numbers, The blog focuses on law school rankings, assessment & demographics.

    Interesting issue. I think it would be helpful to have a constantly updated gathering (delicious? that sort of thing?) of legal educational resources. I get a listing of the latest legal ed resources that come into SSRN, which I find invaluable because full of interesting (and international) ideas, albeit highly variable in quality. I look forward to seeing ‘Arterian and Paul’ pop up in my Inbox. But I’d really like access to a stream of legal ed stuff, within which I could set up the parameters for searching specific sub-topics (eg experiential learning or whatever). All sort of specification & definitional issues here, but it wd be a fascinating and valuable research project.

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