Externship Collaborations

Cost is often cited as an obstacle to providing real experiential learning opportunities.  Overcoming those cost barriers will require creativity.  That’s one reason I’m so excited about an experiment coming out of  the Washington state Access to Justice Board’s ATJ & the Law Schools Committee.  Next fall three legal services providers will collaborate with the three Washington Law Schools on the Rubin Externship Advocacy Project ,  a full-time externship during the fall term.  The externship will be supported by an intensive jointly developed classroom component in which attorneys from the three legal services providers, as well as faculty from the three law schools will participate.  Can it be a model for additional collaborative efforts?  We’ll see.

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  1. Could you please tell me how the collaboration has worked during the fall semester. I would love to speak with someone about the collaboration. We at Phoenix School of Law are trying to work on the details for planning such a collaboration with Community Legal Services.

    I realize that I might not get a call until after the new year. I can be reached at 602-682-6833.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, Prof. Willrich — Thanks for your interest. My sense is that it was a real success. The person who coordinated the project is Aurora Martin. She can be reached at Aurora.Martin@ColumbiaLegal.org.

    Debbie Maranville

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