The Law Teacher

The latest issue of The Law Teacher is out– .

Several of the articles address topics near and dear to those of us interested in legal  education reform. In particular, Harriet Katz’s “Personal Assessment” paper offers an exciting tool for building reflection skills that can be adapted to even the most doctrine-and-theory course you teach.

Barb Glesner Fines, the Law Teacher’s First “Guest Columnist” convincingly argues that improving law teaching remains critical even (and perhaps, especially) in tough economic times.

Corrie Lynn Rosen’s “Thoughts on Being New to Academic Support” offers this gem of an image of a law school class, “My classroom would be a forum where students could try on new, difficult, or otherwise missed ideas without fear of embarrassment . . . where students would make understanding their own learning process part of addressing the larger questions . . . ”

Steve Coughlan of Dalhousie Law School in Canada offers a wonderfully-crafted explanation of why he teaches.

We hope you find these and the other articles helpful and inspiring.

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