CPS Clickers in the Law School Classroom: A CRIM LAW EXPERIMENT

Darlene Cardillo, instructional technologist at Albany Law School, sent me the link to her article entitled, The Use of Clickers in the Law School Classroom, which was recently published in THE LAW TEACHER (pp.13-14). http://blog.engaging-technologies.com/2009/02/cps-clickers-in-law-school-classroom.html

Darlene has written an excellent article about Professor Daniel Moriarty’s use of clickers in his 1L Criminal law class and how he incorporated clicker questions into his TWEN (The Westlaw Education Network) website. I found most interesting the results of the online survey she sent students asking them how the use of CPS enhanced their learning of the course material. You can see the responses that she gathered from students on her blog: http://albanylawtech.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/getting-ready-for-cali-conference-presentation/

She and Professor Moriarty presented at the University of Texas School of Law on “Using Clickers in the Law School” at the CALI Conference on June 19, 2008.

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