I  type this post while listening to the Deans’ Panel presentation at the University of Maryland’s Conference – Curriculum Reform: Linking Theory and Practice.   Three Law School Deans, reflecting on the evolving reform movement in Legal Education, describe Best Practices  as a win-win for Deans and a force to be embraced and enjoyed. 

UM Dean Karen Rothenberg called the Best Practices book our law schools “New Bible”.  Dean Rodney Smolla of Washington and Lee declared that what’s currently happening in legal education is “the emerging triumph of an idea. “  He noted  the plethora of structured curricular reforms being announced by law school after law school and the overwhelming number of conferences.  Unlike “ the leisure suit,”  Smolla stated the Best Practices movement is not a “fad or blip” on the legal educational radar” but a historically transformative moment in legal education. 

Dean Lisa Kloppenberg of Dayton added that the most exciting part of this reform movement is that as schools have linked Best Practices to their own missions, they have created reforms which “take” – that is which are sustainable  beyond the life of a particular administration.

How do you think  your Dean(s) feel(s)  about this reform movement?  How does your school link its mission and Best Practices reform.

Back to you later with more from the conference!


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  1. Here at U Maine School of Law we are just starting to get started on this -we have a faculty workshop set for April 30th to talk about Carnegie. I am very interested in how other schools have dealt and are dealing with these questions.

    I would venture a guess that the majority have thought very little, if at all, about it, and some will be threatened.

    I look forward to the ride.


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