Interested in Doing Some Empirical Research on Exam Writing?

From Andi Curcio, chair of SALT’s Issues in Legal Education Committee, formerly Bar Exam Committee:


Many of you said you noticed (subjectively) a difference in the quality of answers if students had “time to think”.  It might be interesting to do an empirical study on that issue to see, if in fact, it made a difference.  Perhaps someone interested in exploring this issue could keep the current set of bluebooks in which you didn’t give “think time” and give the same exam questions next year adding a “think time” variable and compare answers. 

If anyone is interested in doing this, let me know and I’ll be happy to help set up the study’s design.  I am currently heading a Society of American Law Teacher’s committee on assessment issues and we are working with faculty across the country to begin empirically evaluating some of our assessment observations/assumptions. 

Email Andi Curcio for more information (

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