Process: Conversations and PR

Back on June 12, I posted about our “baby step” curriculum reform efforts at the University of Washington Law School last year:  information gathering, conversations, and making what we currently do more visible to ourselves.

Visit the website for the Crossroads Conference that I’ve been talking about in my recent posts.  Scroll down the main page, and you’ll see that it contains a good bit of “PR” about what we’re doing here at the UW.   Shameless self-promotion?  Sure.  But also part of that effort to make  what we do more visible to ourselves.

We have lots of the pieces needed to truly transform the curriculum:  amazing and creative teachers throughout the curriculum, strong clinical, legal writing and trial advocacy faculty who are well integrated into the institution. (We’re in a dean search:  strikes me as a great opportunity for a visionary leader!  Hint, hint!)

But it’s a puzzle trying to figure out how we make the whole more than the sum of its parts, how to move to a truly integrated curriculum.   My sense is that we’re all so busy that most of us don’t realize how much great stuff is happening.   If any of you out there have ideas for how to take that next step — apart from hiring the right dean — share!

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