Materials and Podcasts From UW’s Crossroads Conference

As you’ve heard from already heard from Carolyn Grose, the conference held at the University of Washington  School of Law in early September on Legal Education at the Crossroads:  Ideas to Accomplishments:  Sharing New Ideas for an Integrated Curriculum was a great success.

I can’t resist reciting the full title of the conference, because it really captures what we accomplished.   Ideas large and small, new and not so new.  (The not-so-new is a good thing, by the way, as it represents efforts that actually stuck over time, no small achievement. ) Lots of materials explaining what, why and how folks are implementing their ideas.

We’ve created a website for the conference at

At the top of the page you’ll find links to the materials submitted before the conference, additional handouts and other materials brought to the conference, and session podcasts.  Lots of great and very usable stuff!  I can personally plug the materials brought by Wisconsin’s David Schwartz (Theme 3: 1L Reforms Supplementing the Cognitive Apprenticeship) and Roberto Corrada (Theme 5: 2nd and 3rd Year Reforms).  But I’ll be gradually working my way through the materials for the sessions I wasn’t able to attend.

We recorded almost all of the sessions — 9 for each time slot, as many as our technology would allow.  So if you weren’t able to attend — or attended but want to check out some of the other sessions — check out the podcasts.  The technology gods were fickle, as usual, so quality varies.  (They’re all posted currently, but we’ll gradually remove the bad ones.  Feel free to give us a heads up about any that should be deleted.)  Thanks to Harold Daniels of our UW Clincal Law Program staff, who  has been working hard to get everything posted, and Sarah Walsh who is reviewing the podcasts.

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  1. My colleagues Marsha Baum and Alfred Mathewson thought it was fantastic. I wish I could have been there, but I am very grateful to have these materials. Thanks!

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