Law Professors and Context-Based Education: The Clinic and the Classroom

New Mexico’s clinical model is quite unusual as far as clinic models go.  All of us who teach in the clinic also teach in the classroom and many faculty members rotate through the clinic.  While the model has its challenges, we think the benefits far outweigh those challenges.  One huge benefit is that faculty members are in touch with how the law actually affects people’s lives, particularly the lives of poor people.  In Best Practices, this is called “context-based education”, ( p. 141.)  


My colleague, Nathalie Martin, has blogged about some of her clinical experiences on the Credit Slips blog.   You will notice that the cases and situations she describes involve clients of the clinic and the way the credit industry seems to target poor, uneducated people.    Professor Martin does not just read about these issues.  She lives them!   Here are links to some of  her blogs:

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