Radical Reform?

Check out the series of short three to five page articles on Radical Proposals to Reform Legal Pedagogy. 43 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 595-650 (2008). (Go to Articles)  You’ll find a number of Best Practices themes.

Suggestions run heavily toward  “more clinical and experiential.” That’s Erwin Chemerinsky’s pitch straight up.  Will look forward to seeing what he does at  the new UC Irvine.  Beth Cohen  sets out a similar argument dressed up in an analogy to language immersion schools.

“Most entertaining” prize?  My vote says it’s a tie.   John Henry Schlegel  argues we should admit 18 -year-olds who might tolerate the infantilizing effects of law school, or 30-year-olds, who won’t, but not 22-year-olds. Peggy Cooper Davis favors “Slaying the Three Headed Dragon” — read her piece to identify the dragon’s heads.

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