Save the Date: Best Practices Conference at U of Washington

The University of Washington School of Law has agreed to host a Conference addressing efforts to implement the insights from Best Practices and Educating Lawyers: Legal Education at the Crossroads: Ideas to Accomplishments to be held September 5-7, 2008.  The conference planners envision two types of experiences for those who attend the conference.  First, law schools that already have implemented change will share their efforts and results.  Second, deans and faculty members at law schools that are anywhere in the process of implementing change will meet with an expert facilitator and others trying to implement change to brainstorm and flesh out ideas and develop action plans.  In a concluding session, conference attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the new implementation ideas.  Confirmed participants include Judith Wegner, co-author of Judith Wegner, a co-author of Educating Lawyers, and Roy Stuckey, the principle author of Best Practices.

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