Concerns, Critiques and Challenges Welcome!

Many of the current posts on this Blog support the implementation of Best Practices recommendations as well as the recommendations made by the Carnegie Foundation in Educating Lawyers.  Do not be dissuaded, however, from posting your concerns and  critiques.  Let us know if you disagree with the recommendations.

Nor should you hesitate to point out the obstacles or challenges to implementing Best Practices.  Let us know what you think!

 For example, a faculty member at  my school during a curriculum committee meeting questioned the statement that current law graduates are not adequately prepared for practice.  How would you respond?

Will implementing Best Practices result in a “checklist” approach to legal education instead of encouraging rich and varying experiences?

Currently, legal education has not created nuanced outcome measures for our teaching.  Without such tools, how can we even begin to discuss implementing Best Practices? 

What are other concerns you have? Please post a reply (below).

Mary Lynch, Albany Law School

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