Future of Legal Education Conference

If you were uable to attend this conference, you can view the PowerPoint slides from a Presentation by Paul Maharq and Liz Li:

Here’s more about the conference:

Adaptive Learning Environments

The theme of the CALI conference this year is transforming legal education, picking up on the Best Practices theme and the Carnegie Foundation Report, Educating Lawyers.  One area where the horse already has left the barn involves learning environments.  In the 20th Century, the environment was entirely linear:  teachers taught, students learned, students studied in the library and then returned to class to learn some more.  In the 21st Century, that linearity has disappeared and a multidimensional set of environments has taken its place.  Learning is not so much a function of place anymore.  Students learn on the go — have laptop or Ipod, will travel.  Law school should adapt to the portability of learning in the 21st Century, encouraging TWEN, CALI, laptops and Ipod learning — because while these adaptive environments may be uncomfortable for us 20th Century dinosaurs, 21st Century students learn in this fashion.

2008 Conference for Law School Computing

Theme: Transforming Legal Education

“This year’s conference is all about change – transformational change.  It is time to put the divisiveness of laptops in the classroom behind us. It is time to face our fears. Fear of USNews ranks, fear of the student debt implosion, fear of technology and change itself. It’s time to consider the ideas of Carnegie and decide how technology impacts professionalism and ethics in legal education. What does transformation mean to you and your institution and does technology have a central or supporting role in accomplishing our goals?” – John Mayer

Keynote Speaker is Paul Maharq

For info on the conference: http://www2.cali.org/index.php?fuseaction=conference.home

AALS Sessions

John Mayer on his CALIopolis Blog has posted the audio of the AALS Session: Rethinking Legal Education For The 21st Century. The speakers included…

  • Moderator: Edward L. Rubin, Vanderbilt University Law School
  • Speakers: Vicki C. Jackson, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Robert Mac Crate, Esq., Senior Counsel, Sullivan and Cromwell, New York, New York
  • Martha L. Minow, Harvard Law School
  • Suellyn Scarnecchia, University of New Mexico School of Law
  • William M. Sullivan, Senior Scholar The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Palo Alto, California
  • Judith W. Wegner, University of North Carolina School of Law

If you did not attend and want to listen, click here: http://caliopolis.classcaster.org/blog/legal_education/2008/01/07/aals_carnegie

John also recorded his talk on CALI and Carnegie and included the ppt slides.  To access them, click here: http://caliopolis.classcaster.org/blog/legal_education/2008/01/06/aals2008

Using Technology to Enhance Active Learning

Two professors at Albany Law School have successfully implemented technology in order to increase student particpation in class, provide feedback,  and foster active learning.  Click here for a complete description:  http://albanylawtech.wordpress.com/2007/06/03/two-innovative-educators

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