Leaning into Uncertainty: Ensuring Quality Legal Education During Coronavirus – A Conference

On behalf of Susan L. Brooks,  Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Drexel University

“I’m pleased to share information about a Roundtable Conference,  Leaning into Uncertainty: Ensuring Quality Legal Education During CoronavirusThe event, which will be held over two half-days (May 26 and 27) will be heavy on the sharing, lighter on the presentations.  Our sense is that there is much value in conversations, crowdsourcing and connection-building as we deal with similar challenges on different campuses. We think smaller breakout groups are an ideal venue for that.

The conference will feature six topical programs.  For each topic, we will have a 15 minute session with two presenters framing the issues, a 60 minute conversation in break-out groups, and a 15 to 30 minute return to share ideas. Our goal is broad participation, so we’re encouraging each school to send a small number of people to every program.  I hope many of you will attend some or all of the sessions.

***Please note that the session on Experiential Education will take place on Tuesday, May 26th from 4:15-5:45, and will include a wide range of topics related to varying sorts of clinics, externships, pro bono programs, and other experiential opportunities.

Feel free to forward this email to colleagues.  We are asking everyone to register by Wednesday May 20 via this link:


The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday May 26, 2020:

  • 12:30 EST –   Opening Plenary
  • 12:45 EST –   Roundtable 1: Beyond Zoom! Moving from Emergency Virtual Classrooms to a Rigorous, Engaging Online Experience
  • 2:30   EST –   Roundtable 2: Designing Curriculum and Programs in a World of Social Distancing: Sections, Schedules and Changing Circumstances
  • 4:15   EST –  Roundtable 3: Maintaining High Quality Experiential Learning Opportunities from a Distance

Wednesday May 27, 2020:

  • 12:30 EST –   Day 2 Plenary
  • 12:45 EST –   Roundtable 4: Sustaining a Sense of Place and Well Being for our Students
  • 2:30   EST –   Roundtable 5: Maintaining Morale and Community Among Faculty and Staff
  • 4:15   EST –   Roundtable 6: Maintaining Strategic Priorities and Institutional Health Through Crisis

I’d like to acknowledge the members of the conference planning committee who assisted us in shaping this event: Barry Currier (ABA Managing Director Emeritus), Ben Cooper (University of Mississippi), Darby Dickerson (UIC- John Marshall and AALS President), Melanie Leslie (Cardozo), Kim Mutcherson (Rutgers University),  Zahr Said (University of Washington), and Emily Scivoletto (UC Davis).

Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions at: susan.brooks@drexel.edu. “

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