Covid 19 and the 2020 Bar Exam

See this link for a short policy paper on alternatives to licensing this year’s law graduates and why state supreme courts should consider extraordinary measures in extraordinary times. If you know a state bar examiner, state bar leader, or state supreme court justice, please consider sharing this with them. 

Thinking outside the box for this year makes sense on many levels. As the paper notes, legal needs will increase as result of this crisis. Today’s graduates have a technological savvy that makes them  particularly well equipped to handle moving to online delivery of legal services. Additionally, delaying their entry into the profession will cause them to  suffer serious financial and emotional issues beyond those they already confront because of this virus.  And, any changes to state licensing requirements is a relatively low risk proposition given that the change would be a one-time emergency action.  

The paper hopefully lays the groundwork for  discussions on the state level about options beyond postponing this year’s bar exam [an option that, as the paper explains, carries its own risks and uncertainties].  Again, if you think that at least discussing options has merit, please share widely.



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