Live from LegalED’s Igniting Law Teaching Conference — Assessment

I am at LegalED’s Igniting Law Teaching conference at American University Washington College of Law hearing from Prof Syd Beckman about Tips for Using Interactive Technology for Assessment.

Here are his 5 Tips for Assessment:

1. Plan and tie learning outcomes to assessment

2. Execute it — use interactive technology that can help with assessment; clickers, smart devices, online quizzes — these devices can

3. Evaluate the results of your assessments — final exam comes too late (no way of fixing it) but by providing formative assessment over semester the students and the professor can both make course corrections.  Profs can go back and reteach things that students are not understanding.  Everybody learns through formative assessment and let’s you provide meaningful feedback to students.

4. Document — important for everything, including compliance and tie courses to outcomes

5.  Revise — use what we learn to make improvements, iterate, alter lesson plans, add some assignments, compensate for excellent performance, change benchmarks.

This is the circle of assessment.  Because as you revise you can use that to plan and around you go in a circle.

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