Four Tips for How to Flip a Classroom, Prof Emmy Reeves

Live from LegalED’s Igniting Law Teaching Conference, sponsored by CALI, and hosted by American University Washington College of Law.

Now up is Professor Emmy Reeves from University of Richmond Law School

Here are tips on how to flip a law school classroom:

1.  Start small — flip a narrow discrete part, parts that don’t lend themselves to high level socratic dialogue

2.  Low tech beats no tech — don’t need to be tech guru, start will narrated powerpoint slides, crete podcasts, record yourself on your computer

3.  keep it short and engaging — 10 minutes is outside limit, try to be as engaging as possible, use inflection in voice

4.  accountability — if use LMS, or even better, use quizzes at beginning of class to ensure watched and internalized material.

You can watch it live today at

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