LegalED Igniting the Law Conference April 4th @ American University Washington College of Law

At our first conference this upcoming Friday we are featuring over 30 law professors from the United States who will be presenting in TEDx styled talks. Here is a link to our impressive speaker list:

Here is some more information about our vision for LegalED and our conference:
Unlike MOOCs, where one professor teaches thousands.  We believe that all professors topics that they know best and that collectively we can bring students more ideas and perspectives, which is important for legal education. In studying the law, it is important for students to be able to see an issue, a problem from various perspectives.

And the unique thing about the conference is that we are creating a body of professional development materials for professors.  In the legal academy and probably in higher ed generally, not a lot of attention is paid to how students learn or to the craft of teaching.  This conference addresses that head on and begins to create a collection of videos, available 24/7 for professors interested in improving their craft.

Also check out our website and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Benjamin Pietrzyk
Uncommon Individual Foundation

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