CLEA’s Latest Comments on ABA Revisions

The ABA Standards Review Committee will be meeting in Minneapolis on July 9-10 and some new standards, along with comments from Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA), have been posted to the Standards Committee website.

One change is to the ABA Bar Passage Requirements, on which CLEA  just released a letter in opposition.  Their first concern is over the proposed increased passage percentage for law schools (from 75% to 80%).  CLEA argues that stricter requirements will only lead to increased “teaching to the test” which is not an effective teaching method for lawy students.  Furthermore, it stands inapposite to the other outcome measures that are geared toward acceptance of clinical teaching.

Additionally, CLEA also posted a chart comparing four different proposals for revising Accreditation Standard 405.  The chart is very helpful and builds on the Committee’s own efforts to do the same a couple months ago.

All of the documents are available on CELT.

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