ABA Curriculum Survey Coming!

Catherine Carpenter is chairing the ABA Curriculum Committee, which is gearing up for an update of its 5 year old curriculum survey. Last time the major curricular change was the increase in the number of clinical programs. It will be interesting to see how law school offerings have changed in the last five years and whether these changes are in the direction of best practices. Catherine has led the committee through the updating of the last survey instrument and we have added some questions that seem of interest.

Here is the timeline for the Committee:

June 15 – August 1 Test the Survey instrument with a group of 15 diverse law schools

August 1 – Sept 15 Revise the Survey instrument based on the feedback received from the testing group

Sept 15 – Dec 2010 Launch Survey to all law schools with a three month window to return the Questionnaires

Jan-July 2011 Analyze the data results and draft the narratives that accompany each section

Fall 2011 Prepare the Report for Publication

Be on the look out for it! The last report was very interesting and I think this one will even be more interesting for those who care about legal education.

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