ABA Council on Legal Education, Outcome Measures Committee Report

I just saw that  the Outcome Measures Report is posted on the ABA web site.  The Outcome Measure Committee was chaired by Randy Hertz and is a tour de force.  The Report cites Best Practices and the Carnegie Report extensively, it then goes on to look at legal education in other countries, accreditation in other disciplines and regional accreditation standards for universities and colleges.  The Report concludes that the ABA accreditation standards should be less “input driven” and more “outcome  driven”.   It even begins to consider the costs of this shift in accreditation standards. Check out the report!


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  1. Antoinette is correct – the Outcome Measures Report is a MUST READ. In particular, the Report makes excellent recommendations about how to amend ABA Standards to focus on preparing students for professional life while providing flexibilty to schools. The report compares law preparation to other professional school preparation for real life interaction with clients/patients in charts which illuminate where law school preparation appears quite lacking. Thank you Randy and the entire committee for such a wonderful effort. We all should do what we can to move these recommendations forward.

  2. […] attention since its release in June. Aside from brief mentions at the places you’d expect — Best Practices for Legal Education and the Law Professors Blog Network — I haven’t seen the report and its implications discussed […]

  3. […] me: the ABA Committee on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar’s proposed standards requiring outcomes measurements in legal education are completely consistent with clients’ demands for value billing. Best Practices for Legal […]

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