Want to Contribute to a Book on Law Teaching and Learning?

The Center for Engaged Learning in the Law (CELL) of Elon Law School plans to publish a short book on law teaching and learning this fall with the Carolina Academic Press.  The goal of the book is to provide a handy and concise reference guide from the perspectives of practitioners, students and teachers. Consequently, the book will feature this triumvirate of perspectives with comments and thoughts from all three groups.  the rationale for combining perspectives is that for a teacher, it is relatively easy to hear what other teachers are saying, but not what students are saying, save for the end of the semester evaluations (which, by their nature, often offer only a small slice of the available feedback) — and certainly not what practitioners might be opining after they leave the academic campus.  Comments on the following topics are especially desired:

I. Before Class Begins – Course “Under Construction”
a. Syllabus
b. Materials
c. Resources – Phone Numbers, Web Sites, Books and People
d. Evaluation
e. What Students Say
f. What Practitioners Say
g. “To Do” Lists

 II.   During Class
A. Communicating With Your Mouth Shut
a. Physical Layout
b. Other Mechanical Issues
B. Communicating With Your Mouth Open:Questioning Techniques
C. Innovation
D. What Students Say: Do’s and Don’t’s
E. What Practitioners Say: Do’s and Don’t’s

III. After and Outside Class
h. Mobile learning
i. Other learning
j. Innovations
k. What Students Say
l. What Practitioners Say
m. Technology Tips and Resources
IV.  Inspiration

V.  What Practitioners Say Law Schools Should and Should Not Do

VI.  Helpful Resources:  Helpful Law Teaching Web Sites; and
 Helpful Books & Articles

Comments should range from one sentence to one page and can be submitted to sfriedland2@elon.edu or jlaw@elon.edu.  You will be notified by September 1st if your contribution will become part of the book.


Steve Friedland

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