CLEA Joins SALT in Urging Council to Suspend Accreditation Standard 316

Previously, we posted the Society of American Law Teacher’s statement calling for the Council on Legal Education to suspend law school Accreditation Standard 316 “in light of the COVID-19 disruptions to the 2020 bar exam nationwide. ”  (You may remember that ABA Standard 316 requires that “at least 75 percent of a law school’s graduates […]

SALT Calls for Emergency Suspension of ABA Standard 316 Concerning a Law School’s Bar Passage Rate

“COVID-19 disruptions to the 2020 bar exam nationwide necessitates that ABA Standard 316, Bar Passage, be suspended.” The Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) has submitted to the Council on Legal Education a  statement calling for suspension  of the 316 accreditation standard on Bar Passage, in light of the COVID-19 disruptions to the 2020 bar […]

Time to Remedy the Ills Afflicting ABA Council’s Standard 316 Proposal

By: Professor Judith Welch Wegner, Burton Craige Professor of Law, Emerita            Many readers of this blog are well aware of ongoing efforts by the ABA’s Council of the Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar to revise law school accreditation standards in troubling ways.  <;        […]

CLEA, SALT and others urge Council on Legal Education to increase transparency and reject proposed changes to Standard 316 at their Friday 2.22.19 meeting

FROM CLEA website: On February 20, 2019, CLEA submitted two joint advocacy memorandums, with the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) and others, to the Council on the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.  In the first joint memo, CLEA and SALT urge the Council to increase transparency in its processes and engage in meaningful […]

Letters raise concerns about changes to the bar pass accreditation standard

Early next week, the ABA House of Delegates will again vote on whether to approve a revised bar passage accreditation standard [Standard 316]. The Society of American Law Teachers and the ABA Diversity Entities both have written to the ABA House of Delegates setting forth significant concerns about the proposed standard change.  Both letters are […]

Proposed Change to Bar Pass Accreditation Standard

This post alerts readers to a proposed change in the bar pass accreditation standard and questions that change raises.  It also asks whether the proposed accreditation standard change opens the door to a bigger discussion about the need for a licensing exam that better reflects the competencies needed to practice law. Proposed Change A proposed […]

Fostering Student Success: Part II -Possible Actionable Steps to Encourage Growth Mindsets

The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. By Sara J. Berman, Director of Academic and Bar Success Programs at the AccessLex Institute’s Center for Legal Education Excellence; SSRN author page As was detailed in Part I of this post on Fostering Student Success, we must meaningfully reward those […]

After All These Years: Another Bar Exam Over, Another Entering Class, but Still a Disconnect between the Licensing Exam and What We Need Lawyers to Be and Do

I was never a Journey fan but I truly am astonished that after all these years of preparing lawyers for practice, and after two years of an unprecedented undermining of  the rule of law in our nation, law schools still live with a disconnect between the profession’s  licensing exam and what business, government and society […]

ABA Commission on Future of the Profession & ABA Vote on Bar Passage Proposal

During the midyear meeting of the the American Bar Association  (ABA) held last week in Miami, several issues were considered which relate to legal education.  I will discuss two of those issues here: the creation of the Commission on the Future of Legal Education and the proposed changes to accreditation standards concerning bar passage requirements. […]


For several months now, this blog has commented on Courts and States continuing to require a traditional bar exam for admission to practice.  It has also covered the call by law deans and law students to enact Diploma Privileges. Since our last post on this subject Oregon has adopted a Diploma Privilege and now a […]

Disparate Impact Magnified: Holding a Bar Exam during the COVID 19 Pandemic year of 2020

Yesterday the Harvard Law Review blog posted an excellent piece by a powerhouse group of legal educators who describe the prospect of a “licensing abyss” just when non-privileged folks and small businesses will need extra legal assistance to navigate the health, employment, housing and government benefits legal landscape.  On the same day, the ABA also […]

A Fresh Look at the Uniform Bar Examination

The bar exam is back in the news. Later this month the ABA House of Delegates will consider a proposal to raise the bar-passage standard. The proposal would require that 75% of an accredited law school’s graduates pass a bar exam within two years of graduation. In most states, bar exam means the National Conference […]

Getting Students Out of Their Own Heads – Moving More Toward Justice Oriented Learning

As the New Year begins and I look back on last semester’s first-year student work, I am struck with how challenging it is to guide students into a shared understanding of law and toward an ability to think critically about and evaluate that understanding. I also find myself actively searching for how to reach students […]